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SMT HCL-1500Lager Pinter

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1. Functional overview:
HCL-1500 is a high precision LED super-long solder paste printer robot (High Precision Auto Paste Printer). In surface mounting process (SMT), a special production equipment for high precision screen printing or leak printing.
2. Basic features of LED solder paste printing press:
(1) PCB has a wide range of compatible sizes, and can support PCB with different thickness from 80mm X 55mm to 1500mm X 450mm.
(2) High-precision printing resolution.
High positioning accuracy, repetitive positioning accuracy (+0.01 mm), printing accuracy 0.025 mm.
Support glue watermarking brush.
(3) Automatic control can improve production efficiency, control quality and save cost.
Automatic steel mesh positioning;
Automatic PCB correction;
Automatic scraper pressure adjustment;
Automatic printing;
Automatic steel mesh cleaning (dry cleaning, wet cleaning,);
(4) With the floating printing head independently developed by Huancheng Company, the pressure of scraper can be automatically balanced and fed back online in time.
Precise pressure control can achieve perfect solder paste forming effect.
(5) Programmable motor controls the separation speed and travel between scraper and steel mesh, which can flexibly realize various demoulding modes.
(6) Multi-function PCB fixed positioning system, PCB positioning is convenient, fast and accurate.
(7) Upper and lower vision positioning system.
(8) Built-in image processing system;
(9) Supporting 2D, SPC functions
3. Solder Paste Printing Range
(1) SMT process of resistance, capacitance, inductance, diode, transistor and other patch components production and processing: 01005, 0201, 0402,
0603, 0805, 1206 and other specifications and sizes;
(2) IC: Supports SOP, TSOP, TSSOP, QFN package, minimum pitch (Pitch) 0.3mm;
Support BGA, CSP package, minimum ball diameter (Ball) 0.2mm;
(3) Printing size: 80mm x 55mm ~ 1500mm x 450mm;
(4) PCB specification: thickness 0.6mm ~ 6mm
(5) FPC specification: thickness less than 0.6 mm (with fixture)
4. Scope of application
Production and Manufacture of LED, Communication, LCD TV, Set Top Box, Home Theater, Vehicle Electronics, Medical Power Equipment, Aerospace and Aviation Products/Equipment, and Production and Processing of General Electronic Products


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