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Pick & Place machine

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Practical Speed Max 4200pcs/h 0.9 -1.5sec/pcs
PCB Handling Size 50×50-350×300mm
PCB Thickness 0.5-6.5mm
Material Handling 2×2-80×40mm or 2×2-105×40mm  thickness<0.3mm
Material specifications 1-10pcs/Lin(Coil Material)
Feeder Handling 4pcs(customize)
Transport Direction Left-Right、Right-Left、Left-Left、Right-Right
Transport Speed Max 600mm/sec
Transport Height 900±20mm
Mount point 0-360°
Mounting Accuracy ±0.05mm(Not included material deviation )
Position Accuracy ±0.025mm
Repeat Accuracy ±0.005mm
Mount moment Max 3Kg
Machine Parameter
Machine Dimensions L1610xW1249xH1524mm
Weight Appox 1300kg
Power Supply AC220V±10% 50Hz
Voltage 1.0KW
Air Pressure 0.4-0.6MPa
Air Consumption >1L/min
Strip material way Fiber optic detection + software control
Absorbing material testing Vacuum detection, falling mark detection
Board Support Methods Magnetic Pins,Support blocks,Elastic side Clamping
Width Adjustment Programmable motorized rear rail
Control Methods industrial PC
Connect machines SMEMA
Operate system Windows
Authority Pass word

The main configuration list of T2
Number Main part Name Brand Quant  
1 X-Y Axis X axis ball-screw THK (Japan) 2 PCS
2 Y axis ball-screw THK(Japan) 2 PCS
3 X axis sliding rail THK(Japan) 4 PCS
4 Y axis sliding rail THK(Japan) 2 PCS
5 400W Servo Driver Sehneider (France) 2  PCS
6 400W Servo Driver Sehneider(France) 2 PCS
7 750W Servo Motor Sehneider(France) 2  PCS
8 750W Servo Driver Sehneider(France) 2 PCS
9 High soft line IGUS (Germany) 1  PCS
10 100W Servo Motor Sehneider(France) 8 PCS
11 100W Servo Driver Sehneider(France) 8 PCS
12 Guide rail HIWIN(Taiwan) 4 PCS
13 Female rotary ball spline THK(Japan) 4 PCS
14 200W CCD Camera IMAGING(Germany) 4 sets
15   SENSORs OMRON、KEYENCE(Japan) 1 batch
16   Mean part Pneumatic components SMC(Japan) 1 batch
17   Mean part bearing NSK(Japan) 1 batch
18   Device push button switch SIEMENS(Germany) 1 batch

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