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semi-automatic stenicl printer precaution of cleaning

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Semi-automatic solder paste printing machine, as a kind of mechanical equipment used by many merchants, not only has a more prominent advantage, but also helps people complete printing work quickly and effectively. However, the long-term operation will bring a certain load to the mechanical equipment, especially for the screen cleaning of semi-automatic solder paste printing machine, which is of great significance for the normal operation of the whole machine. If the solder paste printing press is in a reasonable state of operation, it can help enterprises meet their daily work needs. The screen of solder paste press is a key part. After a long period of operation, it may accumulate some dirt and dust due to environmental factors and related external factors. If it can not be cleaned in time, it will affect the normal operation in the future.
In view of the screen cleaning of solder paste printing press, the following points should be paid attention to:
1. Choose non-woven fabrics and alcohol that meet the standards to help the screen of solder paste printing machine clean and maintain.
2. In the process of cleaning the screen, the operator should put one hand on the screen of the solder paste printer, while the other hand should wipe the screen gently. This method of operation can avoid the distortion of the screen due to vigorous cleaning.
3. The hole position in the screen of the solder paste press is relatively fragile, so every operator must be very careful when cleaning the screen of the solder paste press. In order to avoid the improper operation of cleaning, thereby breaking the mesh plate openings, leading to the normal use of machinery.
4. After wiping the screen, the operator should aim at the screen with a compression gun and blow for a while. This will help the residual alcohol on the screen of the solder paste printing machine to evaporate clean. If alcohol is mixed with the solder paste in the printing press, it may cause problems in the performance of the solder paste.
5. After cleaning the screen of the printer, be sure to check carefully whether there is any damage, and record the relevant cleaning procedures in time and earnestly. The above points are the problems that should be paid attention to when you are helping to clean the screen of the solder paste printing press. Here, we remind you that besides the correct operation of screen cleaning, regular maintenance of solder paste printing press can not be sloppy. Only when the machine is well maintained can its performance be maintained and its operation be carried out effectively.

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