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Printing Offset Processing of SMT Printer

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If the printing offset of automatic solder paste screen printer is not handled, it will probably cause the phenomenon of batch tin connection. How to deal with the printing offset of solder paste screen printer? HC Automation summarizes some small experience to share with you.
 smt solder paste printer
SMT solder paste screen printer
1. Observing the recognition of MARK points, whether the recognition center will be in the center of MARK points, generally the best score is more than 90;

2. Observing the width of the conveyor belt, the track width should not be too wide, otherwise PCB can not clamp.

3. Observe whether the laser stencil is fixed well or not, and try to push it manually.

4. Top PIN or BACKUP PIN system, whether the installation is in place, if this happens, the top PIN can be removed and re-installed;

5. Whether PCB thickness setting is appropriate or not, this should be checked first.

6. Check whether the clamping device of the stencil system is normal (this should be confirmed in self-diagnosis);

7. Replace the connection between next move card and control box to see if the connection is loose.

8. Replace the control box with another one. Sometimes there is a problem with the slot on the back of the control box.

9. Check whether the bearing in front of the correcting motor should be worn or not.

10. If the system software or hard disk is abnormal, reinstall the system or replace the motor.

Unfixed offset of solder paste printing machine can be found in the above 1-6 points to deal with the problem, encountered smt solder paste screen printer machine printing offset to start from a small aspect to check and deal with, many big problems are caused by some small problems.


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