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solder paste screen printer advantage

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Fully automatic solder paste screen printer machine advantage

The advantages of the fully solder paste screen printer compared to semi-automatic or manual solder paste printing allows each job to be set up for a specific product line to ensure optimal operating parameters. This advantage helps to achieve the two highest goals common to all SMT production processes: shortening the production cycle and achieving the highest product pass rate.
1, solder paste screen printer uses advanced image visual recognition system, independent control and adjustment of lighting, high-speed moving lens, accurate PCB and template alignment, to ensure printing accuracy of ± 0.025 mm. High-precision servo motor drive and PC control ensure print accuracy and stability, and accurate image recognition technology with ±0.01 mm repeatability.
2, the solder paste screen printer adopts the floating print head independently developed by HC AUTOMATION, the programmable cylinder pressure automatic adjustment system, the online feedback pressure and the automatic balance scraper pressure, the pressure control is precise, and the perfect solder paste molding can be achieved. The effect can be selected from the automatic cleaning of the bottom surface of the manual/automatic stencil, the cleaning function of the bottom surface of the auxiliary stencil, the programmable control dry, wet or cleaning interval can be freely selected, and the residual solder paste in the mesh can be completely removed to ensure Printing quality.
3. The solder paste screen printer is a combined worktable. The thimble and the vacuum suction tube can be set according to the size of the PCB substrate, so that the clamping is more fast and easy. The multi-functional board processing device can automatically position and hold PCB boards of various sizes and thicknesses, with movable magnetic thimbles and vacuum platforms and vacuum boxes, effectively overcoming the deformation of the board and ensuring uniform tin printing.
HC Automation solder paste screen printer manufacturers advantage
1, the servo system is used to facilitate accurate positioning;
2, using precision guide rails and Taiwan speed control motor to drive the blade holder to ensure printing accuracy;
3, the printing blade can be rotated up to 45 degrees to fix, easy to clean and replace the printing stencil and scraper;
As shown in Figure 4, the blade holder can be adjusted back and forth to select a suitable printing position;
5, the combined printing platen has a fixed groove and PIN, easy to install and adjust, suitable for printing on single and double panels;
6, the school board method uses steel mesh to move, combined with printing (PCB) X, Y, Z. Correcting fine-tuning is quick and easy.
As shown in Figure 7, using Mitsubishi FX series PLC and touch screen control, simple, convenient and more suitable for human-machine dialogue;
As shown in Figure 8, one-way and two-way, multiple printing methods can be set;
9, with automatic counting function, to facilitate the production of production statistics;
10, the blade angle is adjustable, steel scraper, rubber scraper are suitable;
11, the touch screen has a screen saver function, the time can be adjusted at will, to protect the life of the touch screen;
12, using AE's unique programming, printing blade holder is easy to adjust;
13, the speed of the printing press can be adjusted freely.
14. Using Windows 7 operating software as running support software, with good operational stability;
15. Powerful software features, including complete 2D detection and online modification of parameters;
16. Automatic monitoring, showing the working status of the equipment, which is convenient for monitoring the equipment at any time.
In short, the SMT process is inseparable from solder paste printing. Compared with the semi-automatic solder paste printing machine, the printing efficiency and printing quality of the solder paste screen printer are many times higher, and the solder paste screen printer can effectively release the manpower Resources.


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