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How to Keep the Wettability of Solder Paste Printing Machine

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When solder paste is printed by Solder paste screen printer, the moisture evaporates quickly, which makes solder paste easy to dry and can not keep the wettability of solder paste. Solder paste wetting refers to the flow and bonding of liquid on solid surface. At this time, the molecule or atom of liquid and solid is close to the distance where force can occur; wetting is the primary condition for soldering, and solder paste without wetting will form solder beads, but will not. Final welding. HC AUTOMATION Solder Paste Printer explains how to maintain wettability of solder paste in Solder paste screen printer.
1. If the printed solder paste is too dry, add some thinner and stir it evenly.
2. The printing speed of the Solder paste screen printer should be fast, so that it can be printed well in half an hour.
3. When reflow soldering, the heating at both ends should be uniform, and the temperature at one side should not be high, while the temperature at the other side should be low.
4. The ambient temperature of solder paste printing press should be between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius.
The wettability of solder paste printed by solder paste printing machine can produce wettability. The wettability of solder paste can clean the surface of soldered products and make solder close to base metal atoms to generate gravity. When both have oxide layer and other contaminants, the free access of metal atoms is hindered to produce non-wettability, which is one of the reasons for virtual soldering. A large number of solder beads will be formed by completely non-wetting solder paste. The paste printing press must ensure that the paste is wet and not dry.


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