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NEPCON CHINA 2018 The 28th China international electronic pr

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The 28th China international electronic production equipment and microelectronics industry exhibition was successfully held in Shanghai world expo on April 24 and 26.


Before the opening of the exhibition for NEPCON China professional buyers conducted a survey, received from OEM/OBM, communications electronics, consumer electronics and other fields of production technology, procurement, research and development department, and other hundreds of professional buyers feedback, honeywell, philips ultrasound, Bosch automotive parts, huawei, midea, nanjing panda electronics equipment, jabil professionals and other famous enterprises.
Survey shows that sixty percent of buyers pay most attention to automation equipment is "industrial robots," followed by "automation management software", "non-standard and system integration equipment",微信图片_20180508103230.jpg

 "machine vision" and "motion control and sensing technology"; More than 60% of the buyers in the process or segment involved in the automation transformation considered "printer ", followed by "test measurement", "Odd form insertion " and so on. And HC automation has two of these three machines .


From April 24 to 26, 2018, the three-day China international electronic production equipment and microelectronics industry exhibition (NEPCON China 2018) has also dedicated an annual technological feast to the industry.Although the baptism of sea breeze was experienced before the launch, the audience who came to the exhibition was still enthusiastic.Fortunately, the day brought sunshine and good weather.Now that NEPCON China electronics show is coming to an end, the audience is reluctant to leave, even the weather is gloomy.Let's walk into the NEPCON south China electronics show and see what happens on these days.


HC automation brings new products to China international electronic production equipment and microelectronics industry exhibition.

The appearance of CCX's innovative high-end printing presses attracted a large crowd.

The booth 1D25 attracts a lot of visitors!


International friends came to visit

Our technical staff hosted the SMTA BBS lecture, which attracted a lot of audiences.


The technical staff of our company explained to the audiences about the "new requirements of wearable products on PCB manufacturing technology" and thanked SMTA technology BBS for this opportunity.


HC automation is one of the three SMT solder paste stencil printer machine's exhibitors in China, and the shanghai Nepcon exhibition is very effective.

After the exhibition, foreign customers come to visit our factory and negotiate orders. The customers are very satisfied with the printing effect and accuracy of our machines.


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