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Productronica China exhibition

Time:2020/04/02 丨 Source:未知 丨 Browse times:

In March in Shanghai, the sky is at the end of the tall building, and the stream of people is roaming the streets. The three-day Productronica China exhibition in Munich ended in full swing. HC AUTOMATION, with its rich equipment display, superb solutions and luxurious technical talent team, attracted audiences from all over the country to visit, consult and experience the exhibition booth. Media reporters flocked to the exhibition booth. Please take a look back at the wonderful moment of the exhibition stand with the small edition.

Munich, Shanghai, hopes that all exhibitors, audiences and professionals will draw rich inspiration from the exhibition, help them to promote business development, in order to jointly promote the SMT industry as a whole to explore innovation and create unlimited development and opportunities.


In the field of SMT printing press, CPS of high precision SMT solder paste screen printer and CL-1200 of large PCB board solder paste screen printer adapted to LED industry were exhibited. At the same time, in SMT/FPC/PCB, we also solemnly launched the full automatic odd form labeling machine T2D.
Huancheng Automation is a high-tech enterprise which integrates the R&D, production and sales of SMT sticker odd form labeling machine, SMT sticker odd form palce&pick machine, solder paste screen printer and insertion machine. It is considered as one of the most potential high-quality enterprises in the future by PCB industry.

This global electronic equipment exhibition shows a new look of full automatic visual solder paste screen  printer machine CPS series, full automatic special-shaped mounting machine T2D, new appearance, new performance, new height. It is the purpose of the service around the city that we can only manufacture bricks and tiles for the whole world.

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