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Matters needing attention in adjusting parameters of SMT red

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Matters needing attention in adjusting parameters of SMT red glue printing press

(1) Pressure is about 4.5 kg.
(2) The best way to roll red gum on the stencil is to add red gum about 300g.
(3) The middle distance of SNAP OFF is set to 0.05 mm and the speed is set to 2 grades.
(4) Set the frequency of automatic cleaning stencil to 2.
(5) The red glue on the stencil is no longer used or within 5 days after the end of production,you have to discard it.
(6) Red glue must be accurately printed between the two pads, not offset.
Tin paste (red gum) for printing press.
To ensure the quality of printing, it is necessary to monitor the printing machine parameters: printing speed/squeegee pressure/snap off speed/snap off distance/cleaning stencil frequency/tin paste thickness/tin paste viscosity.
Printing tin paste thickness and viscosity within specified specifications
Thickness Specification of Tin Slurry for Steel Mesh Thickness Specification of Tin Slurry for stencil Thickness
0.12 mm 0.11-0.17 mm 0.18 mm 0.15-0.23 mm
0.15 mm 0.13-0.21 mm 0.20 mm 0.17-0.25 mm
Tin paste is neither a solid nor a liquid. It is a mixed paste. Its main components are solder powder (tin powder) and flux (flux). In order to achieve good printability, solder paste is required to have a low viscosity in printing, so that tin can be removed from the steel mesh, and a high viscosity after film removal is required to ensure that the paste does not collapse. Then thixotropic agent and thixotropic agent are added to the paste. When the solder paste is added, the viscosity of the solder paste decreases sharply when it is in motion. When the solder paste stops moving, the viscosity will recover quickly.
Press red glue:
Red glue is usually stored in a refrigerator at moderate temperature. Before use, it should be removed and thawed until it is under room temperature. It can be opened and stirred. The dosage of red glue should not exceed 2 hours. After printing, the red glue should be inspected to be printed at the bottom of PCB mounted components in full and proper amount, so as to ensure that the red glue does not penetrate into the pad and the end connector (or pin) of the components. At the same time, after reflux solidification, the bonding is fixed, and the parts are not easy to drop during wave soldering.
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