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How to Set the Squeegee Pressure Value of SMT Solder Paste P

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Pressure settings of solder paste printers are generally based on the effect of solder paste printing
As long as the solder paste on the surface of the stencil can be squeegee clean, too much pressure on the stencil and printing effect is not good.
Squeegee for SMT Solder Paste Printing Machine in HC AUTOMAION
In order to find a scientific calculation formula, I think we can refer to this formula. For example, every time the squegee is folded, the pressure and level of the squeegee need to be tested.
So first we use a formula to calculate, the specific algorithm is based on the ratio of the squeegee float rack,if the ratio is 0.26mm/kg,it means when you increase the distance by 0.25mm and the squeegee pressure will increase by 1KG.
If we use a 250 MM squeegee, we just need to set the pressure of 5KG. Of course, this parameter is only an initial data.
Look at the deformation of stencil and PCB during printing process and other conditions to increase or reduce the pressure. The final result is that the quality of solder paste printing is OK, and the stencil is clean after printing (too much pressure will also be very clean).
As for the reason why we should use this basis, for example, after the DEK printer changes the type of machine, a product needs 450 mm squeegee, you still set the normal pressure of 6KG, so that the first printed board will have to be cleaned (old equipment may be worse because of errors), if you pre-set it to 9KG according to the standard, it will be almost the same (board). The heel gap should be set to 0 and other parameters such as PCB thickness should be set correctly.


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