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Explanation on General Printing Technology of SMT Printer

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Surface Mounting Technology (SMT) has become the most common technology in electronic mounting technology nowadays.
SMT solder paste printing is a key process in SMT basic process, and its quality directly affects the quality and efficiency of SMD assembly. Below is HC Solder Paste Printer to share the general printing process of SMT printer.
SMT printing machine
Printing in SMT mainly relies on SMT printer to print solder paste on the pad where the circuit board components are placed. Then the electronic components are mounted on the pad of the circuit board by SMT printer. The components are temporarily fixed by the adhesion of solder paste. Then the solder paste is heated to a certain temperature, liquefied, and spread under the action of gravity and surface tension. After cooling, the original parts and the surface tension are spread. Printed circuit boards are connected to solder joints. Printing quality directly affects the performance and reliability of surface assembly components. Solder paste printing technology is the guarantee of solder joint quality and final product quality. Relevant statistics show that 60%~70% of welding defects in SMT production are related to solder paste printing, which shows the importance of solder paste printing.
Principle of SMT Printing Solder Paste
Principle of SMT Printing
Principle of SMT Printing
Solder paste and patch adhesive are thixotropic fluids with viscous properties. When the squeegee moves forward at a certain speed and angle, it produces a certain pressure on the solder paste (or patch glue) and pushes the solder paste (or patch glue) to roll in front of the squeegee, resulting in the pressure needed to inject solder paste (or patch glue) into stencil holes or leaks. The sticky friction force of solder paste (or patch glue) makes the solder paste (or patch glue) produce shear force and shear force at the junction between the scraper and the stencil. The viscosity of solder paste (or patch glue) decreases, which is conducive to the smooth injection of solder paste (or patch glue) into meshes or leaks. There are some restrictive relationships among squeegee speed, squeegee pressure, angle between squeegee and stencil plate, and viscosity of solder paste (or patch glue). Therefore, only by correctly controlling these parameters can the printing quality of solder paste (or adhesive) be guaranteed.


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