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Operation Process and Requirements of SMT Automatic Printer for Shenzhen HC Automation Equipment

1. Conduct pre-operation inspection and start-up according to operation rules.
2. Put PCB (PCB deformation can not meet the need for supporting plate) on the feeding frame.
3. Place the screen on the printer according to the direction of the screen arrow.
4. Select the appropriate printing procedure according to the products produced, enter the automatic calibration mode to calibrate the screen, and debug the printing status.
5. Printing adjustment: adjust printing speed, pressure and angle to make the paste amount printed on PCB pad uniform;
6. The first piece should be confirmed by technicians and produced in batches after being qualified.
7. Every 30 printed boards should be inspected by inspectors and sent to the mounter after passing the standard.
8. After the operation, remove the mesh board and clean it, shut down the machine according to the operation rules, and clean the working table.
SMT Automatic Printer Requirements:
1. Rubber gloves or disposable gloves should be worn during the operation of solder paste. If the solder paste is accidentally adhered to the skin, it should be cleaned immediately with alcohol and hand washing liquid, and then cleaned with plenty of water.
2. After the operation, the remaining solder paste, used mesh board wiping paper and disposable gloves should be handled in accordance with the relevant provisions of environmental regulations.
3. Clean the equipment, tooling and things before using, especially pay special attention to the environmental protection status of the site before processing lead-free products. Respected customers: Hello, our company is a high-quality development group with strong technical force, providing users with high-quality products, sound solutions and superior technical services company. The main products are domestic full-automatic printing press, automatic printing press, SMT full-automatic printing press, etc. Our company adheres to the tenet of honesty, quality and progress. We will continue to climb new heights with a more resolute pace and make contributions to the national automation industry. Welcome new and old customers to choose and buy their favorite products. We will sincerely serve you!

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